Quest Expo 2020

August 21 – 23, 2020

Houston, TX

Expand your network and connect with like-minded people who have the best financial knowledge at the 3rd Annual Quest Expo


When you get into a room with all the 500 like-minded investors they’ll hop you up your game all the way around. So you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone, get onto a plane if you need to and get to the next Quest Expo.

You’ve got to come if you’re new, you need education and contacts, network. If you’re experienced; it’s the funding, it’s the money, it’s the deal flow. All of those things you’re going to find at the Quest Expo.

The power of the Quest message brings a lot of high-quality guest speakers to this event, I was quite impressed with the caliber of folks that I was able to interact with.

Great time to come and connect with high-quality like-minded people who are actually doing deals and investing with their self-directed retirement accounts.

Quest 2018


Expand your knowledge on the actual potential of your financial future by joining us on the frontlines of the most cutting edge information and tools we have to offer!

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2019 Keynote Speakers

Thought provoking panels and special keynote presentations will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to continue cultivating success in the investment industry.

  • Nathan Long

    Nathan Long

  • Quincy Long

    Quincy Long

  • Jeff Watson

    Jeff Watson

  • John Hyre

    John Hyre

  • Shenoah Grove

    Shenoah Grove

  • Paul Lamnatos

    Paul Lamnatos

  • Tom Berry

    Tom Berry

  • Fuquan Bilal

    Fuquan Bilal

  • Eddie Gant

    Eddie Gant

  • Wendy Sweet

    Wendy Sweet

  • Mitch Stephen

    Mitch Stephen

  • Bill Fairman

    Bill Fairman

  • Blake Yarborough

    Blake Yarborough

  • Mike Zlotnik

    Mike Zlotnik

  • Jay Connor

    Jay Connor

  • Jim Ingersol

    Jim Ingersol

  • Fabian Toledo

    Fabian Toledo

  • Jay Young

    Jay Young

  • Tracy Rewey

    Tracy Rewey

  • Eddie Speed

    Eddie Speed

  • Walter Wofford

    Walter Wofford

  • Brad Sumrok

    Brad Sumrok

  • Steve Vigil

    Steve Vigil

  • Ryan Degannaro

    Ryan Degannaro

  • Michael Plaks

    Michael Plaks

  • Rick Farnoush

    Rick Farnoush

  • Dan Handford

    Dan Handford

  • Brantley Gunn

    Brantley Gunn

  • Joshua Andrews

    Joshua Andrews

  • Benjamin Kelley

    Benjamin Kelley

  • Rick Allen

    Rick Allen

  • TJ Osterman

    TJ Osterman

  • David Vaillancourt

    David Vaillancourt

  • Kiki Baker

    Kiki Baker

  • Gene Guarino

    Gene Guarino

  • Steve Liang

    Steve Liang

  • Ray Sasser

    Ray Sasser

  • Robert Orfino

    Robert Orfino

  • Bob Zachmeier

    Bob Zachmeier

  • Donald Sutton

    Donald Sutton

  • Keith Baker

    Keith Baker

  • Russell Thomas

    Russell Thomas

  • Bob Malecki

    Bob Malecki

  • Dante Andrade

    Dante Andrade

Panels held by Real-Estate Experts from Across the USA


  • - Tax Free Investing with Self-Directeed IRAs
  • - Finding and Evaluating Deals
  • - Small Investment Options
  • - Finding Unlimited Private Money
  • - Technology in the Investment World
  • - Fix and Flips vs. Airbnb
  • - Note Investing
  • - Apartment Complexes and Manufactured Homes
  • - Checkbook Control Myths Debunked
  • - Insurance: Protecting yourself and your business
  • - Strategizing Your Entity Formation
  • - Hard Money Face Off
  • - Securing Wealth for Future Generations: Estate Planning

Plus hundreds of other Real Estate strategies will be decoded at this event!

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  • General Admission
  • Tote Bag with Giveaway Items
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  • VIP Admission and Preferred Seating
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  • VIP Lunch & Lounge Access on both Days
  • VIP Casino Night Ticket
  • Recorded Copy of Quest Expo 2020
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** Should you be unable to attend the Quest Expo 2019, we encourage you to provide your ticket to another investor who can benefit from this weekend of education and networking. Substitutions are welcome at the Quest Expo 2020, with written or e-mail notice at least 24 hours in advance of the event. In order to receive a refund for your ticket, there must be written or e-mailed notice at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Submissions received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

2019 Sponsors

    • Commercial Investing 101Commercial Investing 101
    • Rehab 2 RichesRehab 2 Riches
    • Stonebrook FundingStonebrook Funding
    • Note CarryNote Carry
    • The Private Money AuthorityThe Private Money Authority
    • Real Estate IQReal Estate IQ
    • Mr.Texas Real EstateMr.Texas Real Estate
    • King Operating CorporationKing Operating Corporation
    • Novak BrothersNovak Brothers
    • RAL AcademyRAL Academy
    • Banahan & Martinez, PLLCBanahan & Martinez, PLLC
    • Notable CapitalNotable Capital
    • Carolina Capital ManagementCarolina Capital Management
    • Laughlin AssociatesLaughlin Associates
    • Stallion FundingStallion Funding
    • The Optimal Financial GroupThe Optimal Financial Group
    • Global Integrity FinanceGlobal Integrity Finance
    • Renters WarehouseRenters Warehouse
    • North American Savings BankNorth American Savings Bank
    • Sanmore InvestmentsSanmore Investments
    • Paper StacPaper Stac
    • Sumrok Multifamily MentoringSumrok Multifamily Mentoring
    • Note SchoolNote School
    • Patten Law FirmPatten Law Firm
    • The Private Lender PodcastThe Private Lender Podcast
    • The Wealth ClubThe Wealth Club
    • NNG CapitalNNG Capital
    • Tempo FundingTempo Funding
    • Texas Wealth NetworkTexas Wealth Network
    • Jet Lending LLCJet Lending LLC
    • Investor Loan SourceInvestor Loan Source
    • Capital ConceptsCapital Concepts
    • Blink LendingBlink Lending
    • AuctionAuction
    • Moat NoteMoat Note